WELCOME TO Paripoorna Prajna International School

We are dedicated to ensuring that all Paripoorna Prajna International School students, regardless of race or economic class, have access to a high-quality education that prepares them for the rigors of college and the workforce. Further, we are committed to sharing innovative tools, strategies and lessons learned in New Visions schools to prove that meaningful change is achievable at scale and success is possible for every child.

Our Mission

  • Respect people & society
  • Create awareness about social responsibility
  • Justice
  • Integrity
  • Consistency

Our Vision


A journey which begins with tiny steps will definitely take time to reach the destination with perfection.

Paripoorna Prajna International School, a private sector school, aims at working towards children’s education, without any differences in their thoughts, ability, action, and appearances.

We at Paripoorna Prajna International School show immense interest in guiding our children with value added principles, mold them with strong foundation and moral activities. We also educate them to build a strong character within.


Paripoorna Prajna International School, a Good Quality Education, creates an atmosphere to develop the child into a successful individual. Our curriculum is designed in such a manner, that it covers subjects of various aspects, bringing out the identity of individuals.

At Paripoorna Prajna International School, we help them explore a wide range of knowledge in :

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Reading and Writing
  • Listening and Speaking
  • Hygiene and Health issues
  • Drama
  • Environmental education
  • Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Physical education
  • Structured and free play

Apart from these, our curriculum is based on the following principles and modules :

  • Theme- based learning
  • Model- based methodologies
  • Character development
  • Multi - sensorial
  • Situation - based learning

At Paripoorna Prajna International School, we ensure a pleasant and safe environment, with :

  • Blunt cornered walls
  • School under camera surveillance
  • Emergency health kits
  • Child friendly play equipment’s
  • Security guard
  • One way traffic during school hours
  • Use of mineral water only
  • Comfortable mattresses for day care
  • Hygienic bathrooms
  • Bus Services